🎤Product Features:

Audio Connectivity:

  • Bluetooth Connection: Effortlessly connect your devices using Bluetooth technology.
  • Memory Card Support: TF card slot for convenient playback of music stored on TF cards.
  • AUX Connection: Wired connection through the AUX port.
  • USB Interface: Supports connection to USB devices for easy playback of your music library.

Sing and Record:

  • Microphone Connection for Singing: Enjoy Karaoke fun with microphone connectivity.
  • Recording Function: Initiate recording by long-pressing the button to capture your musical creations.

Multiple Connection Modes: Flexible connection options to cater to diverse user needs.

🎤Controls and Functions:

  • Previous Track and Human Voice Mode: Short press to switch to the previous track, long press for Human Voice Priority mode (M.PRI).
  • Pause/Play and TWS Mode: Short press to pause/play, long press to switch to TWS mode.
  • Next Track and Record Function: Short press to switch to the next track, long press to initiate the recording function.
  • Mode Switch and Light Switch: Short press to switch between different playback modes, long press to control the light switch.
  • Reverb Adjustment: Customize sound effects through the Echo button.
  • Microphone Volume Control: Adjust the microphone volume for a perfect sound experience.