Name:13-in-1 Multifunctional vegetable chopper

Material:ABS + stainless steel blades

Color:Classical black + green

Usage:8 Blades for chopping/dicing/slicing

Feature: easy to clean,and easy for storage for all parts of the onion chopper.

Volume: Colander is 1.5L, storage container is 2L

Washing tips: wash below 60℃

— Please don’t wash in the dishwasher to avoid damage.


–1 * Blades storage box

— 2 * Dicer blades(for big and small dices)

–1*Egg white separator

–1*Ricing Blade

–2*shredding blades (for thick or thin)

–1*2mm slicing blade

–1* potato lattice blade


–1*Hand guard

–1 * Drain Basket

–1 * Cleaning fork

–1 * Peeler

Kindly Remind:

1.Please be careful when assembling or disassembling,since the blades are ultra sharp.

2.Please be sure that all blades are taken down and stored in the container when not use for no mess, losing and damage.

3.Please don’t let the blade dip into the water for long time when washing. For avoid rusting, please keep it dry after you clean the vegetable chopper.

4.Please be in strict accordance with the instruction. If using inappropriate blades to cut ingredients, may lead to blades bend or even damage.

5.Please add some peanut oil will help you clean the food chopper more thoroughly if got colored by vegetable juice

6.Please make sure the fruits and vegetables are smaller then the blades’ frame when using the dicing blade.

7.Please press the lid down in one swift strong motion, not slowly or bit by bit. Otherwise some hard vegetables may stick to the dicing blades.

8.Please peel the skin firstf or vegetables and fruits with hard skin.

-We suggest you use the large dicing blade to cut softer vegetables or fruits, the smaller one is more suitable for hard vegetables and fruits.