Upgrade Kids RC Car, 1:16 Scale All Terrain Fast Car, 30MPH 4×4 Off Road RC Truck, 2.4Ghz High Speed RC Vehicle


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Upgrade 1:16 Scale All Terrain Fast Car, 30MPH 4×4 Off Road RC Truck, 2.4Ghz High Speed RC Vehicle

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Upgrade 1:16 Scale All Terrain Fast Car, 30MPH 4×4 Off Road RC Truck, 2.4Ghz High Speed RC Vehicle

179 reviews for Upgrade Kids RC Car, 1:16 Scale All Terrain Fast Car, 30MPH 4×4 Off Road RC Truck, 2.4Ghz High Speed RC Vehicle

  1. minh tran

    The RC car’s speed and agility are impressive! It maneuvers effortlessly and handles various terrains with ease,providing endless outdoor fun for my kids.

  2. Ryderl

    Its long lasting battery ensures non stop racing enjoyment.

  3. Benjamin Cox

    The car’s shockproof design protects it during bumpy rides.

  4. Adrianna Cook

    This RC car offers endless entertainment for outdoor play.

  5. DJ Fields Field

    Its intuitive controls make it suitable for kids as young as 5 years old.

  6. Latissua Dixon

    The RC car’s precise steering makes it easy to navigate tight turns.

  7. Dana L Thompson

    It’s a fun and engaging hobby for RC car enthusiasts.

  8. yoggibearr

    The car’s lightweight body allows for quick and agile movements.

  9. BrokenHope

    This RC car is easy to maintain and clean after play.

  10. Lisa Hunter

    It’s a fantastic toy for honing driving skills and hand eye coordination.

  11. Tanner

    The RC car’s realistic design resembles real life racing cars.

  12. Tash

    Its high quality materials ensure longevity and durability.

  13. Ryan L Scarbrou

    The car’s rubber tires provide excellent grip on various surfaces.

  14. F McCarroll

    Its anti interference technology ensures smooth and uninterrupted control.

  15. Lilyi

    The car’s adjustable speed settings allow for different skill levels.

  16. Marcie Pina

    This RC car can reach impressive speeds,providing an adrenaline rush.

  17. Martinez

    It’s a great way to bond with family and friends during races.

  18. Quinni

    The car’s responsive brakes enable precise stopping and quick turns.

  19. Bell

    Its easy to use controls make it suitable for beginners and experienced drivers.

  20. Jonathan Hart

    The RC car’s rechargeable battery allows for extended playtime.

  21. Julian Elvir

    The car’s suspension system absorbs shocks,ensuring a smooth ride.

  22. Tom Graham

    Its all wheel drive system gives the car excellent traction and stability.

  23. Chanta Coward

    With a long range,the car can be controlled from a distance.

  24. Rohsheh

    The remote control’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold.

  25. Jams

    It’s an excellent gift for both kids and adults who love RC cars.

  26. Benjamin White

    The car’s powerful motor provides impressive speed and acceleration.

  27. Michael Shehan

    The durable construction ensures it can handle rough play and crashes.

  28. Beverly Ryan

    This RC car is perfect for outdoor adventures,tackling different terrains with ease.

  29. Parkerl

    The car’s sleek design and vibrant colors are visually appealing.

  30. sherry goddard

    Its remote control offers precise steering and speed control for thrilling races.

  31. Lucas Reedi

    The RC car toy is a blast to play with fast,maneuverable,and responsive.

  32. Isabelle Reed

    The performance and durability of this RC car make it a wise investment for any RC enthusiast.


    My nephew’s face lit up when he received this RC car as a gift. It has been his favorite ever since!

  34. Sandi Duran

    This RC car’s control is precise,allowing for sharp turns and tight maneuvers in small spaces.

  35. Legz

    The sturdy and flexible antenna ensures uninterrupted signal transmission,minimizing interference during races.

  36. Khaled Alrokh

    The sleek design and realistic looks make this RC car stand out among others in its class.

  37. r2s

    It’s refreshing to see an RC car with a long lasting battery. It provides hours of uninterrupted playtime.

  38. Sulma

    The hobby grade performance of this RC car is impressive,giving it an edge over other toy grade models.

  39. Amelia Simmons

    This RC car is a gift that keeps on giving. My son can’t get enough of it!

  40. Alemneh Haile

    The adjustable speed settings are perfect for younger kids who may need a slower pace initially.


    The RC car’s robust chassis can withstand crashes,making it suitable for beginners and more experienced racers.

  42. Colin Barrom

    I appreciate the spare parts availability for this RC car. It ensures we can keep it running smoothly for a long time.

  43. Leigh McDonald

    The LED lights add a cool factor to the RC car,making it even more exciting to play with at night.

  44. Rubi Martinez

    The remote range is impressive,allowing my kids to race these RC cars over long distances.

  45. Oliverl

    It’s incredible how fast and agile this RC car is,providing thrilling races and stunts every time.

  46. Harrison

    This RC car has become the favorite toy in our household. It’s easy to see why it’s an absolute blast!

  47. La mejor que he

    The design is rugged and sturdy,ensuring this RC car can handle rough play and maintain its performance.

  48. Ruby J Wasway

    The tire grip is exceptional,allowing this RC car to maintain stability even on slippery surfaces.

  49. Alexis Ford

    I love joining my kids in racing these RC cars. It’s a fun bonding activity that we all enjoy.

  50. Sandra McCloy

    The controls are user friendly,making it easy for my daughter,even as a beginner,to master the RC car quickly.

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