Product details

The Ultimate Companion for Extreme Adventurers – The 6-Wheel Stunt Car! Designed for those craving excitement and adventure, this wireless remote-controlled marvel is equipped with an array of features to keep the fun going. From forward and backward motion to left and right steering, its six-wheel drive ensures unparalleled maneuverability on any terrain. It’s the perfect choice for gifting to family, friends?also a gift choice for children aged 6 and above.


Cool Design: With built-in music and stunning lights, every maneuver becomes a sensory delight. Featuring a built-in spray function, providing a cooler experience for your child. The spray design will surely make our boys’ RC car stand out. Simply add water to the rear of the car for an enhanced experience.

Stunt Transformation: Effortlessly transform, move forward and backward, turn left and right, and execute realistic and cool drifting actions. Conquer stairs and obstacles, climb to new heights, and add extra challenges and thrills to your racing experience.

2.4GHz Anti-interference Control: Utilizing 2.4GHz anti-interference technology for easy control, allowing multiple RC cars to race and battle simultaneously at the same location, adding even more fun.

Six-wheel Drive: Unleash the powerful force of the six-wheel drive system, providing unparalleled maneuverability on any terrain, from smooth surfaces to rough terrains.

Precise Control Mastery: Move forward, backward, turn left, and turn right. Challenge the limits of imagination, just like an experienced race car driver.

Safe and Durable: Made of durable and environmentally friendly ABS plastic, the product is more impact-resistant, providing a more comfortable user experience.

Eye-catching Design: Music, lights, and spray function for sensory delight.
Agile Stunts: Effortless transformation and realistic drifting.
Advanced Control: 2.4GHz anti-interference for precise maneuvering.
Superior Mobility: Six-wheel drive conquers any terrain.
Durability: ABS plastic ensures impact resistance for safe play.
Friendly Reminder:
When the remote controller fails to control the RC car, remove and reinstall the batteries in the remote controller first. Then, turn off the power of the RC car, turn it back on, and operate the remote controller again to re-pair.
Package includes:
Car x1,
Remote controller x1,
Water bottle x1,
Screwdriver x1,
USB cable x1,
Instruction manual x1